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YouTube Advertising

YouTube is an extension of Google’s advertising platform, and the second largest search engine in the world with approximately 3 – 4 billion global searches per month. The sheer scale and reach of YouTube make it possible to reach your ideal target audiences no matter who they are and what they're viewing on YouTube.

We create powerful YouTube advertising campaigns that drive awareness and conversions. When combined with other digital marketing activities such as SEO, paid search advertising, or paid social, YouTube ads can provide an additional valuable digital touchpoint with a unique level of engagement not possible on other platforms. Leveraging video via YouTube as part of a brand's marketing mix, can help increase ad recall, key brand message recall and purchase intent. 

YouTube Ad Targeting

YouTube Ad Targeting

YouTube Ad Targeting

At Sentius Digital, we start all YouTube marketing campaigns with a strategy-first™ approach. We spend time researching your target audiences, their online behaviours, and the types of content they engage with. We combine our knowledge and expertise with YouTube's targeting technology to reach the right customers with the right message at the right time.

YouTube ad targeting is best approached with a strategic mindset focusing on different segments of the customer journey. Top of the funnel activities such as increasing brand awareness or customer prospecting can use the following tactics:

  • Cross-match search queries from Google - Targeting YouTube ads to users based on keywords they have previously searched on Google.
  • In-Market audiences - Google identifies users that are likely to be interested in a product or category based on general internet behaviour such as browsing history or purchase behaviour.
  • Interest categories - Similar to affinity categories, YouTube will serve ads to people who have relevant interests aligned with our customer segmentation.

As users move through the customer journey, targeting tactics change to focus on remarketing to users who have previously visited your website, signed up to your database or viewed your YouTube video. 


YouTube Ad Types


YouTube offers a variety of ad types and formats based on awareness and business objectives. The most effective YouTube video marketing campaigns use a range of ad types in a specific sequence, creating a broader brand story that educates and guides the user through the customer journey.

Skippable In-Stream Ads - These ads play before and during videos, with the option for the viewer to skip after five seconds. Advertisers only pay when a viewer continues watching the ad, or engages with it, making these a cost-effective option for businesses.

Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads - Short pre-roll (before video) and mid-roll (during video) ads that are not skippable. These ads are 15 seconds long, making them effective tools to lift brand recall and re-engage with lapsed customers or website visitors or as a second touch point in a strategic YouTube advertising campaign,

Bumper ads - Shorter six-second ads shown before, during, or after a video, which are most effective for reach and awareness campaigns. Advertisers pay for these on a CPM (cost per thousand impression) basis, and have been proven to be a powerful tool in the YouTube advertising kit.

Video Discovery Ads - Discovery ads are an effective placement for driving consideration or brand awareness, and are only charged when an interested user clicks on the ad. The Discovery placement is often underrated, however, can be a significant contributor to website traffic from YouTube advertising campaigns, and assist with website visit retargeting. These ads can also appear on Gmail.

youtube video production

YouTube Video Creation

youtube video production

The effectiveness of YouTube marketing is reliant on creative that is strategic, visually appealing and resonates with the target audience. We know our results can only be as good as the video, which is why we focus on developing content to convert.

Our extended creative team consists of videographers, designers, copywriters, and voiceover artists with a proven track record in creating effective, engaging marketing videos, YouTube videos and TV commercials. If video production is outside of your budget, we have in-house video editing software that allows us to repurpose existing video content into new formats for YouTube and other platforms.

Creating YouTube videos doesn't need to be an expensive exercise. We will work with you to understand your requirements and budget, creating a video solution designed to convert.

Our difference

Why choose Sentius Digital for YouTube Advertising?


Strategy-first™ means the right campaign approach and better results


We use best practice, ethical techniques and guarantee transparent results


Our integrated strategies focus on the entire customer journey across multiple devices and channels


Proven campaign performance across diverse businesses and industries


Detailed reporting and regular strategic performance review meetings


No fixed or minimum term lock in contracts

Our process

Our strategy-first™ approach to YouTube Advertising

YouTube Ads Strategy

  • Establish campaign objective (reach, awareness, ad recall, purchase intent)
  • Select campaign format  
  • Establish a video sequence for you YouTube campaign
  • Establish core messaging for the campaign


  • Video creation: we work with you to develop a brief and film a video, or edit a current video
  • Video editing (including music, voiceover, subtitles, etc)
  • Production: video is cut into various lengths and formats to support all YouTube placements

Campaign Optimisation

  • Video is published to your YouTube channel and the campaign is launched
  • Regular performance monitoring by a Sentius Paid Search Specialist. Adjustments made to optimise views, engagement and clicks
  • Regular reporting and reviews with in-depth campaign insights and strategy recommendations

YouTube Ads client success

success youtube hma
success youtube hma

I could not have been happier with the experience, dealing with Travis and Liam on the day, and am really excited to see the outcome.

- Retail Bedding Client

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YouTube Ads Campaign FAQs

Do I need to have a YouTube account to run YouTube ads?

Yes, the requirement to advertise a video on YouTube is that the video(s) must be ‘public’ on your channel.

Is YouTube advertising effective?

YouTube advertising is highly effective if your objective is to increase brand awareness, ad recall lift, key brand message lift, purchase or conversion intent.

What are In-Stream ads?

YouTube In-Stream ads are videos that play in situ when watching a video on YouTube, either before or during the video. They can vary from being ‘skippable’ after 5 seconds to non-skippable for up to 20 seconds.

How much does YouTube advertising cost?

The cost of advertising on YouTube can vary, depending on the available budget for a Business. There can be advertising strategies implemented to keep costs low, to reach highly targeted audiences. We recommend allowing $30 - $40 per day for effective results.

Can I target my ads to specific videos?

Yes. YouTube advertising offers many content targeting methods, including: placements (allows targeting of channels, videos and websites), and Topics (think ‘video genre’).