Our story

Sentius is an evolution of Sage–meaning wisdom, insight, leader and knowledge. Sentius comes from the word Sentient–the ability to feel; alert, knowing, responsive and understanding.

Sentience (n): the ability to feel; having the power of sense perception. The state or quality of being sentient; conscious and awareness.

Synonyms: alert, knowing, responsive, understanding.


Early Beginnings


The Sentius story begins 20 years back with the establishment of Sage Strategy Services – a Melbourne based management consultancy specialising in business and marketing strategy, plan development and consultancy services. The Sage journey spanned three continents with offices in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the US and Canada.

Our journey

From Sage to Sentius

As Sage we experienced first-hand the challenges with marketing agencies, which are typically:

1. Limited specialists – meaning clients require multiple agency partners, resulting in poor marketing cohesion and alignment

2. Not strategic – agencies do not and cannot create strategy and plans at the highest level, as a marketing consultancy can; meaning marketing is not as effective as it should

Thus Sentius was created  July 8 2015 with a clear purpose and differentiation: to provide combined marketing strategy, marketing services and digital solutions, in effect creating a full service ‘consulting agency’ model. 

As a genuine full service, strategy-first™ consulting agency we act as a complete marketing partner and extension of our clients team.

The name Sentius is an evolution of Sage – meaning wisdom, insight, leader and knowledge. Sentius comes from the word Sentient - the ability to feel; alert, knowing, responsive & understanding.

What we do

We are Sentius. We exist to deliver advantage and growth for businesses and brands.

Our difference is ‘strategy-first™. We think strategically and apply higher-level strategies to all we do.

Through strategy we create and deliver better solutions and results for our clients.

Sentius Group is made up of three branded business units: Sentius Strategy, Sentius Digital, and Sentius Creative.

We work as an extension of our clients’ teams, bringing our expertise, direction and ideation to the forefront.

We commit to delivering real, measurable ROI, and growth for our client partners.

There is not another full-service, combined ‘consulting agency’ model like Sentius, anywhere.

We exist to deliver improvement, advantage and growth to businesses and brands







Our Culture Values


Our Culture ValueS

01 Balance

Sentius is people first, placing priority on the wellness, happiness and growth of our people. We practice self-awareness, mindfulness and a growth mindset. We are supportive, balanced and objective. We are open minded and embrace diversity. 


Our Culture ValueS

02 Knowledge

As a consulting agency knowledge is the foundation of our reason for being. We love knowledge and live to learn. We seek to be regarded as trusted advisors and knowledge leaders by our clients.


Our Culture ValueS

03 Commitment

Sentius has a client first orientation and focus and we're proud of providing great service. We do whatever it takes to serve and support the needs of our clients, and are committed to achieving best outcomes.


Our Culture ValueS

04 Strategy

As a consulting agency, the Sentius mantra and positioning is strategy-first™. We are high level thinkers who understand strategy, can think strategically and apply strategy to all we do.


Our Culture ValueS

05 Growth

Growth is the outcome we strive to achieve. We are centred on growth, as individuals, as a business and brand and for our clients. Our commitment is to provide sound strategies, outstanding campaigns and digital solutions to achieve real and measurable growth.


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Our difference is strategy-first™

As a consulting agency we place strategy before creative, campaign and digital solutions, formulating competitive, brand, communications, customer experience and positioning strategies first.

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We are a complete services partner

Our in house team of experienced strategists, marketing, design and technical specialists provide the expertise, direction and inspiration working as an extension of your team.

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A diverse team with leading knowledge

Our experience spans 16 industries, and we've worked with a spectrum of brands from start-ups to multi-national corporations. Extensive experience and dedication to knowledge, set Sentius apart.

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We are all about results and growth

Our commitment is to provide sound strategies, outstanding campaigns and digital solutions to achieve real and measurable outcomes for your business and brands.

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We are more than a digital agency

We’re thinkers, a team of Sages who are dedicated to working in partnership with you and your brand. We cover the full spectrum of marketing and digital services. Our commitment is to guide and support the achievement of growth for businesses and brands.

We've worked across nearly every industry

Consumer Products


Government Services

Training & Development


Building & Construction


Health & Community Services

Retail & Franchising

Property and Real Estate

Mobility and Disability


Health & Beauty Services

Distribution & Wholesaling

Business Services


Facilities Services

Hospitality & Events