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Our difference is in our ability to achieve real success for brands online with tailored, targeted and integrated social and content strategies.

Social Media & Content Marketing

Social media is ubiquitous; the average Australian spends over 90 minutes per day on social media (Hootsuite), making it the ideal platform to reach and connect with your audience, no matter who or where they are.

The act of sharing content across the web and to social media is a simple, but is it resulting in growth for your brand? Social media is different to all other digital marketing channels; it's a lower intent discovery-based platform that operates as a two-way communication medium, and must be approached differently. Because of this, many brands find it challenging to achieve tangible and measurable results through social media and content marketing.

Sentius Digital has a proven track record creating successful content strategies, managing brands on social media, building engaging online communities and driving reach and conversion through social and content campaigns. Our in-house content strategists, copywriters, and social media campaign managers live and breathe social, bringing creativity, expertise and inspiration to every social and content brand we work with.

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter Management

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter management

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter Management

We offer complete social media management services including content planning, creation and publishing, social listening, response management and community growth. We spend time upfront to research your market, customers, competitors and establish the right strategy for each platform. We define your brand identity, and develop content pillars which form a backbone for all content creation.

Our social media Campaign Managers prepare content in a calendar format, which allows for easy collaboration, approval, and scheduling.

A common mistake made my many brands and agencies is publishing the same content to all platforms. One size does not fit all when it comes to social media; each platform attracts different audience demographics and has unique functions. We approach each platform from the ground up, focusing on developing the right strategy to most effectively align with each platform.

LinkedIn marketing for businesses

LinkedIn marketing for businesses

LinkedIn marketing for businesses

LinkedIn is the leading business to business (B2B) social media platform, making it great way to position your brand in the market, establish industry leadership and attract top talent. No matter your business type or industry, LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool for driving awareness, and must not be ignored.

Publishing frequent updates and maintaining an active business page presence is a challenge for many brands, and often falls by the wayside. We can take the stress out of social, building LinkedIn presence and authority for your brand.

The Sentius Digital team has extensive experience working across nearly every industry (B2C and B2B), business type, and size.  The level of industry knowledge we hold is second to none; we can help successfully amplify your brand messaging and company differentiation to the right people across LinkedIn.

Social Media & Content Strategy

Social Media & Content Strategy

Social Media & Content Strategy

Confused about content marketing and in need of direction? Is social media not working for your brand? A social media and content strategy can address both of these issues and set your business up for success online.

Content Strategies

Content marketing refers to the creation and integrated sharing of online content. The objective of a content strategy is to define a brand's main narrative, telling a consistent story over time through multiple content touchpoints; not just on social, but across the entire range of paid, owned, and earned media. 

We establish content pillars, or themes that create the backbone of the narrative your brand tells.

Content pillars form the communications foundations for a brand and must be born directly from brand purpose, brand identity and positioning to guide your brand’s presence across all media. Content pillars play an integral role in determining content topic and strategy focus for all touchpoints - articles, videos, e-books, infographics, blog posts and social media posts.

Social Media Strategies

Social media strategies are specific to social platforms. Social media strategies have components of content strategies such as content pillars and brand tone of voice, however, they are developed within the context of each social platform's unique purpose, features and user base.

Sentius Digital social media strategies are aligned to your business and brand objectives with clear and actionable platform-specific engagement and community growth strategies, to achieve success across each social media platform.

Reputation management

Reputation management

Reputation management

Staying on top of reviews and comments across multiple social media platforms, Google and websites reviews can be a challenge for every organisation. Whilst a bad review isn't the end of the world, it's important to be alerted when said reviews or comments arise. It's critical to effectively respond to negative content and protect, even grow your brand reputation from how we manage negative reviews.

We use a range of social listening and in-house software tools to monitor all mentions of your brand online. Our Campaign Managers will alert you when concerning content arises and recommend the best course of action to address the comments using specific protocols we've developed in-house. Swift responsive action and our proven reputation management strategies, reduce the potential for a negative review or comment to have a lasting impact on your brand.

Blog Content Marketing

Blog Content Marketing

Blog Content Marketing

In the new age of digital marketing, content is king, and maintaining a blog has substantial upside across many digital marketing channels. Blogging is at the core of content marketing, providing a way to educate potential or existing customers, supplying engaging content to share across social media platforms, and adding immense benefit when it comes to SEO.

At the very minimum, we recommend that every website has a news or blog section. As part of our social media marketing and content packages, we can also maintain a regular blog on your website. Our content creators work with you to understand your target audiences and create content that is relevant, engaging, and educational with the objective of establishing knowledge leadership and engaging users to learn more about your products and services. 

Blog content can be repurposed to drive backlinks for SEO, included in industry newsletters, or used during blogger outreach processes to acquire quality link placement in authoritative digital channels and articles.

content discovery

Content Discovery & Paid Content

content discovery

Amplify your content, drive reach, engagement and conversion through content discovery platforms. These platforms use AI and user datapoints to deliver personalised content on websites and mobile devices.

Paid content pieces are often seen as recommended articles at the bottom of many publisher and media websites. They usually blend in with native (unpaid) articles, acting as a natural extension of the webpage. Users who click on the headline will be sent to your website to read the full article.

The strength of paid content is in the ability to target audiences browsing online, when they are in-the-moment, looking to discover new content, topics, articles and entertainment. Discovery platforms like Taboola and Outbrain are specifically designed to drive website traffic and get eyeballs on your content. The platforms run on a cost per click (CPC) model, meaning you only pay when an interested user clicks on your content.

Content marketing is only effective when content reaches the right audiences, and paid content campaigns through content discovery platforms can be a sure fire strategy to amplify reach and grow brand awareness.  

videography content production melbourne

Content Production - Videography and Photography

videography content production melbourne

Content marketing is only as good as your best piece of content, and creating a regular stream of professional quality, engaging and informative content that resonates with your target customers can be a challenge.

Sentius Digital has full content and media production capabilities to support your content marketing campaigns.

Our media team consists of videographers, photographers, writers, directors, voiceover artists, and an extended team of talent; models and actors. We've worked with clients to produce everything from TV commercials to website videos and product photography.

We don't just create content; we think about the strategy behind each piece of content, where it fits into the broader user journey and who the intended target customer is. Our strategy first content results in better engagement and more conversions for our clients.

We offer video production including on location shooting with lighting and sound equipment, directors, camera operators and talent as required.

Our difference

Why choose Sentius Digital for Social Media & Content?


Strategy First means targeted, engaging, brand aligned content


We use best practice, ethical content strategies to protect and strengthen your brand


Content tailored to your brand, positioning, differentiation and tone of voice


Proven campaign performance across diverse businesses and industries


Detailed reporting and regular strategic performance review meetings


No fixed or minimum term lock in contracts

Our process

Our range of Social Media Marketing Services

Strategies & Plans

  • Business & Marketing goals planning session
  • Review Brand Purpose & Values: to ensure alignment
  • Review, Workshop & Define: Brand Identity 
  • Review, Workshop & Define: Differentiation 
  • Target customer profiling & audience segmentation
  • Competitive research & analysis
  • Define content & channel objectives, role and purpose 
  • Creation of content pillars to serve and a guideline for all content 
  • Create Social and Content 12 month actionable  plan

Page Management

  • Social media page design & setup
  • Blog writing & posting
  • Social media content (post) planning and copywriting
  • Full in-house social media management services
  • Social media comment and message management
  • Dedicated Campaign Consultant and personalised support
  • Daily monitoring of social media activity
  • Community growth strategies
  • Bi-monthly social media reports to track progress

Social Listening & Reputation Management

  • Implementation and customisation of social listening software
  • Business listing claiming (page & profiles) on review websites
  • 24/7 monitoring & activity updates 
  • Review & comment response
  • Reputation management protocols to minimise damage from negative comments
  • Dispute management for spam and fake reviews

Social Media client success

Social Media client success
Social Media client success

"The team at Sentius Digital have helped take social media for my business to the next level! They provide fresh and engaging content, posts, and blogs that really connect with my followers."

- Client in the Health & Beauty Industry

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Social Media Marketing FAQs

What's the difference between organic and paid social media?

Organic social media are posts published to your brand page without any paid budget behind them. Paid social media comes in two forms; organic posts that get sponsored (you add budget to promote them to a wider audience) and social media ads; pieces of content that are targeted to specific audiences with a budget to reach those audiences.

How often should I post on social media?

The frequency of posting depends on your audience size, business goals, and brand strategy. Most brands post anywhere from a few times a week to several times a day. The most important consideration is finding the right balance between posting too much and annoying fans, and posting too little where fans may forget about your brand. As part of our social media strategies, we help establish how often you should be posting on social media.

Social media does not result in sales or conversions for my brand. Should I stop doing it?

Social media is often considered a "discovery" platform and generally has a lower conversion rate compared to channels like organic (SEO) and PPC ads. Just because social isn't generating large amounts of revenue, doesn't mean it's not worthwhile. Social media is a great way to increase brand awareness, nurture fans into customers, and keep your brand top of mind for existing customers.

I don’t like Twitter. Do I need to have one?

We generally don't recommend doing something you're adverse to, unless it holds substantial strategic value to your brand and business. For most businesses, Facebook is the main social media platform of choice, holding the largest userbase and potential reach. However, based on your business model and strategy, we can recommend whether Twitter activity would provide strategic value and advantage for your brand.