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Powerful, targeted social ad campaigns to achieve brand awareness, engagement and conversion

We build highly targeted campaigns to reach your ideal audiences across all social touchpoints in the moments that matter most. 

Social Media Advertising

Social media algorithms are everchanging and achieving organic (unpaid) reach is increasingly difficult. On Facebook, average reach for an organic post is less than 1%, making it challenging to get your message out and foster meaningful engagement and conversion. Paid social media can be the answer to achieving cut through and amplifying brand messages to your ideal target customers.

Combining organic (unpaid) social media with paid social media can be a highly effective strategy to achieving growth and success on social.

At Sentius when it comes to social media advertising, we think outside of pure ad execution. Our strategy-first™ approach focuses on the broader customer journey; strategising where social ads fit into your digital marketing mix, the right breakdown between organic and paid social and how paid social can work to achieve your business goals.

We have experience running high engagement social advertising campaigns across all social media platforms, and the expertise to deliver real results for your brand.

facebook advertising

Facebook Advertising

facebook advertising

Over 83% of Australians aged 14+ are active on Facebook, making it the ideal platform to reach your target audiences, no matter who they are (Roy Morgan). The Facebook Advertising network spans Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and the Audience Network across desktop, mobile and tablets.

Whereas search engine advertising targets in-market users based on keyword search terms, social media targets individuals based on profiling -- interest and behaviour -- making it a great top of funnel channel to increase brand awareness and bottom of funnel tool to remarket to page and website engagers. 

The strength of Facebook advertising is in its powerful profiling and targeting capabilities, along with the relatively low cost to run Facebook ads compared to other platforms.

The Facebook advertising engine is complex, requiring a high level of expertise to properly navigate and optimise campaigns. Our paid social Campaign Managers have extensive training and expertise in Facebook ads, with the results to prove it. Furthermore, they are committed to ongoing knowledge development activities to stay at the cutting edge of industry developments, ensuring best results for our clients.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram Advertising

Instagram Advertising

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms, boasting high levels of engagement and a young user base with 50% of users under the age of 34.

Instagram plays a key role at every step of the purchase process. The platform is often thought of as a discovery tool, however, people use it for much more beyond that including helping them decide if they should or should not buy a product, and even showing off their new purchase to their friends and followers. 

Instagram ads are run through the Facebook platform, leveraging Facebook's powerful targeting capabilities and come in a variety of formats and placements. Across the consumer journey, it’s important to cultivate a comprehensive presence on Instagram and a sound strategy integrating paid and organic content.  

At Sentius, we work to understand your brand, target audiences and business goals to create a comprehensive campaign that shows ads to the right audiences, when it matters most, whilst leveraging the strengths of organic and paid content to work hand-in-hand. 

linkedin advertising agency melbourne

LinkedIn Advertising

linkedin advertising agency melbourne

LinkedIn should not be ignored. LinkedIn has 11 million monthly users in Australia alone, making it the ideal platform to reach business professionals across all industries.

Advertising on LinkedIn can span a range of objectives including increasing brand awareness, driving sales and conversions, and recruitment.

LinkedIn supports targeting based on company name, industry, job title, company size, member seniority, age, location, and many other attributes. The platform also supports remarketing and email matching, allowing advertisers to retarget and re-engage individuals from a database or users who have previously visited their website.

We have been creating and managing campaigns since LinkedIn Advertising launched, and have the knowledge and expertise to build brand awareness, generate leads, and drive website traffic for brands across all different industries on LinkedIn.

X (formerly Twitter) Advertising

X (formerly Twitter) Advertising

X (formerly Twitter) Advertising

X (formerly Twitter) is a fast moving conversation based platform that is relevant to both B2C and B2B brands. It's a great platform for sharing news, status updates, company announcements and providing customer support.

The most successful brands on X leverage the power of organic and paid media working together to create a healthy, balanced mix of growth and engagement on the platform.

X best practice is using paid content to support organic strategies, while all paid strategies should have complementary organic content. This results in the highest levels of community growth and engagement across the platform.

X advertising campaign types span the full customer journey including awareness, engagement, video view, follow, website click, conversion and app install/re-engagement campaigns to target both new and returning users and customers.

Our difference

Why choose Sentius Digital for Paid Social Media?

Strategy-first™ means the right campaign approach and better results

Strategy-first™ means the right campaign approach and better results

We use best practice, ethical techniques and guarantee transparent results

We use best practice, ethical techniques and guarantee transparent results

Our integrated strategies focus on the entire customer journey across multiple devices and channels

Our integrated strategies focus on the entire customer journey across multiple devices and channels

Proven campaign performance across diverse businesses and industries

Proven campaign performance across diverse businesses and industries

Detailed reporting and regular strategic performance review meetings

Detailed reporting and regular strategic performance review meetings

No fixed or minimum term lock in contracts

No fixed or minimum term lock in contracts

Our process

Our strategy-first™ approach to Paid Social

Advertising Strategy

  • Business & Marketing goals planning session
  • Review, Workshop & Define: Brand Identity
  • Review, Workshop & Define: Differentiation
  • Target customer profiling & audience segmentation
  • Strategy discovery and planning workshop for paid social
  • Campaign objective and goal planning session
  • Budget and bidding strategy
  • Advertising strategies specific to each platform 
  • Ad creative: copywriting and design

Campaign Setup

  • Creation of advertising accounts for each social media platform
  • Creation of ad campaign, ad set and ad structure
  • Target Audience Building
  • Campaign Creative Design
  • Installation of Facebook Pixel and other tracking codes
  • Campaign tracking setup 
  • Upload of new ad creative to campaign

Paid Social Campaign Optimisation

  • Daily monitoring of social media ads
  • Bid and budget adjustments
  • Audience adjustments to reduce cost per click
  • Dedicated Campaign Consultant and personalised support
  • 24/7 reporting portal access
  • Bi-monthly social media reports to track progress

Paid Social Media Client Success

Paid Social Media Client Success
Paid Social Media Client Success

We've had a phenomenal month of sales in November, exceeding previous years. I'm very happy! Customers are seeing social ads and telling me “I saw this online and came in-store to buy it.”

- Retail and eCommerce Fashion Client

We've worked across nearly every industry

Consumer Products


Government Services

Training & Development


Building & Construction


Health & Community Services

Retail & Franchising

Property and Real Estate

Mobility and Disability


Health & Beauty Services

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Business Services


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Paid Social Media FAQs

I post to social media regularly, do I need to run ads as well?

Organic and paid content work hand-in-hand on social media. 

Organic is your brand presence that’s always-on. It's where you connect and converse with your existing community. It’s where you build relevance, social credibility and legitimacy.

Paid media is a tool we can use to reach out to a wider audience and to broaden your community. It is also a way to get out specific messages in a targeted way (to your existing or new audiences), where you can optimize delivery for specific objectives.

How much does social media advertising cost?

The cost of advertising on social media can vary, depending on the available budget for a Business. There can be advertising strategies implemented to keep costs low, to reach highly targeted audiences.  We recommend allowing $30 - $40 per day for effective results.

How can I tell if social media advertising is working?

Establishing a measurement and tracking strategy is key to determining if social media is resulting in leads and conversions. We use special campaign tracking URLs that record campaign specific data in Google analytics. We can then report on the specific number of leads that come from social media advertising compared to other channels.