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SEO Audit Service

Gain valuable insights into your website and campaign health with an SEO audit. Our strategy-first™ approach and level of detail are what set our SEO audits apart.

Why Undertake an Audit?

An SEO audit is an in-depth analysis of all aspects related to an SEO campaign or SEO activity. The audit aims to understand campaign and website performance, whilst identifying any errors or problems that could prevent your site from ranking on search engines.

SEO audits are a critical way to understand if you are missing out on potential traffic, or if keyword ranking progress is hindered due to website factors, penalties, or toxic backlinks.

An audit conducted by an outside SEO audit agency, such as Sentius, can provide a third-party unbiased analysis of your SEO ecosystem, identifying any critical issues or areas for improvement. Below is a breakdown of the Sentius SEO audit process.

On-Page SEO Audits

On-Page SEO Audits

On-Page SEO Audits

SEO is comprised of two core activities; on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Sentius audits are structured in a similar way to ensure we address all critical areas of the SEO campaign.

The on-page SEO audit refers to all SEO factors pertaining to your website. The audit will address:

  • Website sitemap, tags, and URL structure
  • Website performance factors such as load speed, 404 errors, broken links, and mobile usability
  • Whether the website is indexed correctly
  • If there are broken links, page load speed issues or issues with mobile responsiveness
  • Content quality, keyword density, and identify content gaps or issues such as duplicate content
  • Website usability, user experience, and mobile experience
  • Strategic areas for improvement relating to on-page SEO, user experience, or website content

During the on-page SEO audit, we review your website through both a technical and strategic lens. Our difference is in our strategy-first™ approach, which means we consider the broader business strategy, goals, and user experience. A website could be technically perfect in the eyes of google, but if the messaging is not aligned with the target audience, or doesn’t communicate your differentiation, the conversion rate could be affected.

Off-Page SEO Audits

Off-Page SEO Audits

Off-Page SEO Audits

The off-page strategy can make or break an entire SEO campaign and have a lasting impact on the reputation of a website in the eyes of Google. Deploying ethical, best practice strategies are critical when it comes to search engine optimisation.

Off-Page SEO audits focus on the numerous factors and tactics used to improve search engine rankings visibility. They also take into account third party and competitor digital marketing activities carried out which may have an effect on your website’s SEO.

The off-page audit will address:

  • The current targeted key search terms and where they are ranking on Google and other search engines
  • Any additional search terms your website is ranking for
  • The search volumes and competitiveness of the terms which are ranking
  • The number and location of backlinks
  • If there are any harmful or toxic backlinks
  • The strategy for client owned properties such as social media accounts, blogs, directory listings, and other assets and how they can benefit SEO

Google SEO guidelines are constantly changing, which means off-page SEO tactics must change as well. Off-page SEO activities, such as historical backlinks, can often go overlooked, making it important to stay abreast of the broader SEO environment and the unseen factors that could be affecting your SEO campaign progress.

SEO Competitor Audits

SEO Competitor Audits

SEO Competitor Audits

Competitor audits can often be the most interesting component of an SEO audit. The competitive market is constantly changing, and it’s important to stay on top of these movements to understand how they can affect your rankings.

As part of the competitor audit, we will analyse the SEO activity and performance of three to four key competitors. Using software and our own in-house developed tactics, we can uncover the keywords your competitors are ranking for, estimated monthly traffic, backlink locations, estimated ad spend for paid search campaigns, and the aggressiveness of their SEO activities.

These insights are incredibly valuable to assess who you’re up against from an SEO perspective, identifying gaps within competitor strategies that can be capitalised on to further improve your position.

Penalty & Blacklist Audit

Penalty & Blacklist Audit

Penalty & Blacklist Audit

Appearing on a Google blacklist is a major fear for many business owners. With Google’s ever-changing SEO best practice guidelines, it’s important to partner with an SEO agency that operates ethically and is abreast of the latest movements in the industry. Receiving a penalty or being placed on a blacklist is rare and can have a detrimental impact on a website.

Unethical SEO agencies using out of date or black hat tactics are the most common reason for a website penalty or blacklist status. This is why it’s critical to ensure your chosen partner SEO agency is ethical and follows Google’s best practice guidelines.

Fortunately, such penalties and blacklist placements can be reversed. We’ve worked with many clients to remove toxic backlinks, reverse their undesirable status with Google and recover their organic rankings and traffic. It’s a labour-intensive process which can take months or years to return to normal.

At Sentius, we’ve been partnering with clients to deliver reliable, ethical SEO campaigns, SEO strategy, and SEO audit services for over a decade. We’ve witnessed the Google algorithm change time and again, and understand exactly what it takes to achieve success in the long game of SEO on Google. We see our clients as partners and pride ourselves on our long-term relationships and trust built with clients.

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Our difference

Why Sentius Digital for SEO?

Strategy-first™ means the right key search terms and better SEO results

Strategy-first™ means the right key search terms and better SEO results

100% ethical SEO practice aligned to Google's best practice requirements 

100% ethical SEO practice aligned to Google's best practice requirements 

Complete in house off page and on page resources and specialists 

Complete in house off page and on page resources and specialists 

Proven campaign performance across diverse businesses and industries

Proven campaign performance across diverse businesses and industries

Detailed reporting and regular strategic performance review meetings

Detailed reporting and regular strategic performance review meetings

No fixed or minimum term lock in contracts

No fixed or minimum term lock in contracts

Our process

How does SEO work?

SEO is a two part process involving website updates (on-page activities) and increasing your online presence across the web (off-page activities). This comprehensive approach boosts the online reach of your brand, ultimately leading to top search engine rankings and increased conversions.

Strategy & Analysis

  • Website analysis to review content and detect any problems with the website
  • Strategic keyword search volume analysis (when selecting KWs)
  • Google analytics setup and installation
  • Link analysis

On-Page SEO

  • Meta optimisation
  • Page Tag, Title & Description Updating
  • Code optimisation
  • Image tagging
  • Addition of .robots text (to tell Google robots to crawl your site)
  • Sitemap implementation
  • Adding SEO keywords to copy (if needed)
  • SEO page content writing

Off-Page SEO

  • Link building
  • Content creation
  • Social media optimisation
  • Directory submission
  • Brand promotion
  • Blogger outreach
  • Search engine submission
  • Manual ranking report generation (fortnightly)
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Multimedia submissions: video, image, Powerpoint, PDF (if material is provided)
  • Press release submission (if material is provided)

SEO client success

SEO client success
SEO client success

I just logged on to Google Analytics and saw that we had a huge increase in website traffic over April compared to March. I've taken a look at where this traffic has come from and it's namely organic.

- Client from Health Industry

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SEO Audit FAQs

How much does an SEO audit Melbourne cost?

If you’re looking to change SEO agencies or start an SEO campaign for the first time, we will undertake a complimentary SEO audit for your website.

Why should I use an SEO audit agency rather than an online tool?

SEO audit agencies bring an additional level of expertise, analysis, and insight that automated or online tools cannot deliver. SEO is highly technical and working with an SEO audit agency can help break the technical jargon into understandable insights and prioritise critical actions to be taken.