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Sentius Google Ads campaigns are strategic and comprehensive; made to capture your ideal audience when they're most likely to convert.

Google Ads Management 

Google Ads drive instant visibility and website traffic for highly targeted keywords and audiences, which can play a significant role in increasing leads and sales for any organisation.  

Google is the search engine of choice for many Australians, accounting for approximately 94% of search engine market share. Advertising on Google allows brands to reach in-market, high intent individuals searching for their products and services, all at a low cost.  

Google Search ads are text-based ads that appear at the top and bottom of Google Search results. They look similar to organic search rankings and can be distinguished with a small “Ad” text label next to the listing. Google Ads bring a lot of benefit, but the largest is to achieve instant visibility for highly targeted search terms. Rather than relying solely on organic traffic or waiting months for an SEO campaign to build momentum, it’s possible to drive instant traffic and sales through Google Ads.

Google AdWords Campaign Audit

Google AdWords Campaign Audit

Google AdWords Campaign Audit

At Sentius, we take a strategy first approach to all we do, and Google Ads Campaigns are no different. For clients with PPC history, or active Google AdWords management, we will conduct a campaign audit. This includes looking at key metrics such as number of clicks, cost per click, conversions, keyword and bidding strategies, ad copy and search terms to evaluate the overall health of the account and campaigns. We provide strategic insights and highlight areas for improvement and campaign opportunities. The findings and recommendations from the Google AdWords audit provides the backbone for our strategy development process to commence. 

AdWords Campaign Setup & Optimisation

AdWords Campaign Setup & Optimisation

AdWords Campaign Setup & Optimisation

Establishing the right campaign structure is critical to the success of every Google AdWords Campaign. There are many technical elements that must be considered as part of Google AdWords management. 

Our team of paid search specialists conduct keyword research, and broader competitor and market research to develop the ideal campaign strategy designed to serve your business objectives and to outrank the competition.  

Like most areas of digital marketing, Google Ads is not a set and forget platform. Ongoing campaign optimisation is just as important as the original campaign strategy, to improve performance, lower cost, and achieve campaign targets. As a leading Google Adwords provider in Melbourne, we’ve developed campaign management tactics and strategies that deliver real results, quick. Our team of Google Ads experts monitor performance on a daily basis to ensure each campaign is maximising it’s potential.  

Leverage The Power of Remarketing

Leverage The Power of Remarketing

Leverage The Power of Remarketing

Whilst Google Search ads are designed to reach and capture the interest of new users, remarketing ads are designed to retarget and re-engage with website visitors, bringing them back to the website with a goal of converting.   

Utilising search and remarketing ads together can create an effective funnel to push users through the sales cycle and toward a conversion. It’s critical to ensure the right messaging, landing page and targeting strategy is used to increase the chances of conversion.  Sentius Google remarketing campaigns consider the unique stages of the user journey in line with your business model, ensuring users are served with the right messaging at the right time, to maximise the change of a conversion.

Reduce Advertising Waste

Reduce Advertising Waste

Reduce Advertising Waste

Maximising the budget of every client is one of our top priorities as a Google Adwords company in Melbourne. Technical strategies to reduce cost per click and cost per acquisition are carried out on a weekly basis as part of our ongoing Google Ads optimisation services.  

However, we don’t just analyse campaign performance on the surface. We take a strategic and granular approach to make the most of every dollar spent on Google Ads. Through data analysis, our specialists can determine exactly which keywords, days, times of day, ads, and landing pages are converting best. This data can then be used to focus on the aspects of the campaigns that are driving higher volume and better quality results, which in turn helps reduce budget wastage.  

Deliver More Leads

Deliver More Leads

Deliver More Leads

At Sentius, we’re committed to driving real and measurable growth and results for our clients. We’re performance obsessed, and set targets at the start of each campaign. As a Sentius client, our commitment to you is:  

  • Increased website visits and improved targeted traffic 

  • Improved campaign optimisations: more active campaign optimisation, monitoring and management than other Google AdWords companies 

  • Improved campaign performance: quality score, page positions, higher click thru rates and lower cost per click 

  • Leads and conversions: increased, targeted leads resulting in increased conversions to support the campaign objectives 

Our strategy first approach and extensive time upfront planning, researching, and strategising, results in top performing, high converting Google Ads campaigns. Connect with us now to learn how we can drive results for your brand.  

Our difference

Why choose Sentius Digital for PPC?


Strategy First means the right campaign approach and better results


We use best practice, ethical techniques and guarantee transparent results


Our integrated strategies focus on the entire customer journey across multiple devices and channels


Proven campaign performance across diverse businesses and industries


Detailed reporting and regular strategic performance review meetings


No fixed or minimum term lock in contracts

Our process

Our strategy-first approach to paid search

PPC Strategy

  • Initial consultation & campaign strategy planning - consultation over the account and budget
  • Local search campaign setup (if applicable)
  • Google AdWords account setup
  • Keyword research & bid (CPC) strategy
  • Landing page consultation
  • Geo-Targeting - focused geographical or location based keywords and ad displays
  • Dedicated Account Manager and personalised support

Ad Design and Copywriting

  • Ad account structure setup including campaigns, ad groups and ads
  • Strategic copywriting of ads aligned to brand identity
  • Design of display and remarketing ads, aligned with Google Ads best practices
  • Google Analytics tracking integration
  • Remarketing tag installation
  • Client reporting portal login configuration

Campaign Optimisation

Daily campaign & performance monitoring

Search term review & assessment

Budget and bid adjustments

Negative Keywords – monitoring & removing the negative keywords which can lead to increase budget for non-targeted areas

Ongoing campaign monitoring, management and modifications to achieve the defined objectives

Advanced reporting (analysis of reports with strategic recommendations)

Paid search client success

Paid search client success
Paid search client success

We have just signed a client, who enquired through the website via the paid search campaign. This client will commit to processing 2,000,000 transactions per year with us. Great work, Sentius!

- Client from Finance Industry

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Google Ads Management FAQs

What are the benefits of hiring a Google Ads management company over running my own Google Ads?

Google has made their advertising platform more accessible, making it possible for anyone to setup a Google Ads campaign. It’s easy to run a campaign, but achieving real results and maximising budget comes down to expertise and understanding the technicalities of the platform.  As a leading Google Ads company in Melbourne, we have decades of experience running Google Ads campaigns and have watched the advertising platform evolve over the years. We have a deep understanding of how the ads algorithm works, in addition to client and industry experience and expertise which results in better results; more leads and sales for our clients. Whilst the cost of hiring a Google AdWords agency is higher, our goal is to always deliver a positive return on investment for our clients. 

How much do Google Ads cost?

The cost of advertising on Google varies widely by industry, campaign type and keyword competitiveness. Google Search Ads

What kind of results can I expect from Sentius?

We are obsessed with results and provide full transparency around campaign performance.  

We work with you at the start of each campaign to set objectives which we measure on and report against as the campaign progresses. Our goal is to always deliver a positive return on investment for our clients.