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Innovators Hub is a place for ideas, start-ups and new businesses to evolve, develop a launch strategy or business plan, and thrive.

We work with you every step of the way to:

  • Assess your business idea
  • Provide valuable strategic insights and feedback
  • Develop a start-up launch strategy
  • Secure investment to fund your business
  • Help you launch your business successfully into the market

80% of start-ups fail due to a weak idea or poor planning and strategy. Having a sound and actionable strategy is critical to the success of any start-up! We provide value by assessing your business idea and adding insights based on our experience across diverse businesses and many industries. Our start-up strategies are second to none: actionable and tailored to serve your business goals and objectives.

Our range of start-up strategy plans & services include:

  • Business investment plans
  • Start-up marketing plans
  • Launch strategy plans
  • Mobile application strategy & development plans
  • Capital raising
  • Brand & collateral design



A few of the start-ups we have worked with to help succeed… 




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