COVID CASE STUDY: Leef Independent Living Solutions – Home Care campaign

COVID CASE STUDY: Leef Independent Living Solutions – Home Care campaign

COVID CASE STUDY: Leef Independent Living Solutions – Home Care campaign

by Megan Scott


Upon purchasing several mobility businesses, Leef needed to effectively manage the brand change-over in order to retain existing customers and attract new customers. Our strategic Facebook and YouTube campaigns resulted in a 200% increase in website traffic and 57% increase in online orders. The accompanying radio campaign also helped drive brand awareness with a 46% increase in direct and organic search traffic.


Leef Independent Living Solutions (Leef) is Australia’s largest network of independent living centres, offering an extensive range of mobility products and services that enable and support people, who are ageing, living with a disability, in rehabilitation or recovering from an injury, to enjoy an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

Having recently acquired several mobility businesses, Leef sought our assistance to manage the brand change-over and effectively communicate who they are and what they do to engage and retain existing customers as well as attract new customers.

Our Strategy:

As we began planning this campaign, the coronavirus (COVID_19) pandemic and nation-wide lockdown hit. We took this perceived obstacle and turned it into an opportunity for Leef by immediately shifting the campaign focus towards a Home Care campaign designed to support people at home and drive online sales.

The objectives for the campaign were to:

  • Raise awareness of the Leef brand, vision and purpose
  • Drive traffic to the new e-commerce website
  • Increase online enquires and sales

The Campaign:

With everyone stuck at home and industry data showing a significant increase in online activity, including a 75% or more increase in Facebook usage, and YouTube views skyrocketing, we determined that these social media platforms would be the ideal outlet for this campaign.

As workplaces and public transport were off limits, people were also spending more time in their cars, so we identified radio advertising as another ripe opportunity, particularly to reach people who live outside metropolitan city areas.

For the Leef Home Care campaign we:

  • Produced, purchased and ran a total of 946 radio spots across regional stations
  • Produced and ran a sequential YouTube Ad series (four unique Ads) - to tell the Leef brand story
  • Designed and ran 16 unique Ads on Facebook, targeted at 14 unique audience segments - a total of 82 Ads with a focus on themes of isolation and Home Care including:
    • Mental health tools and tips
    • Nutrition supplements and info
    • Creating comfort at home
    • Flexible hire options

The campaign targeted required strategic consideration to effectively reach and engage with both consumers who were elderly (60+) and people living with a disability or managing an injury (all ages) – as well as their carers (both family members and healthcare professionals).

The Home Care campaign ran for 6 weeks during April and May 2020; at the height of the COVID_19 pandemic restrictions in Australia.

Campaign Results:

In a competitive market, and during such a challenging period, the Home Care campaign delivered a massive 200% increase in website traffic and 57% increase in online orders, compared to prior months and the previous year.

In addition to these outstanding business results, the campaign also secured:

  • 92,000+ YouTube views
  • 6,500+ visits to the website via social media (Facebook, Instagram & YouTube)
  • 2,000+ direct website visits from YouTube
  • 236% increase in website visits, compared to prior two-month period
    • OR: an increase of 9,000 website visitors compared to prior two-month period
    • FYI: The numbers are 13,470 vs. 4,008

Furthermore, a 46% increase in direct and organic search traffic in this period indicates an establishment and growth of brand awareness and recall, as a result of the campaign.

Our Team:

  • Mark Fraser – Director & Media Buyer
  • David Bedggood – Senior Client Strategy Manager
  • Lisa Pike – Campaign Consultant: Social & Content Marketing
  • Jarrod Firmani – Senior Campaign Strategy Manager

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