COVID CASE STUDY: Express Glass - Pandemic Protection Guard campaign 

COVID CASE STUDY: Express Glass - Pandemic Protection Guard campaign 

COVID CASE STUDY: Express Glass - Pandemic Protection Guard campaign 

by Megan Scott


Express Glass sought our assistance to launch their new Pandemic Protection Guard product to health and medical clinics, hospitals and retail outlets around the country. Our strategic Google Ads campaign helped to drive 3,500+ clicks to the website, which resulted in 250+ brochure downloads.


Express Glass has been repairing and replacing glass windows and doors Australia-wide for over 30 years – everything from local shopfronts and high-rise buildings, to residential renovations and emergency repairs, and lots more.

Amid the coronavirus (COVID_19) pandemic, Express Glass identified an opportunity and urgent need from businesses who remained open to the public during lockdown. While non-essential businesses were forced to close, many others like doctor’s clinics, hospitals and supermarkets continued to receive a high volume of visitors and were required to implement social distancing as well as health and hygiene measures.

The Pandemic Protection Guard was quickly developed in response to this need - a clear glass barrier that can be installed on counters between staff and customers. Express Glass sought our assistance to launch and promote the product to relevant businesses and organisations around the country. 

Our Strategy:

Examining the nation-wide health and business situation carefully, we identified two phases of opportunity for the Pandemic Protection Guard campaign:

  1. Essential businesses who remained open throughout lockdown and;
  2. Businesses who would be returning to work once restrictions lifted.

Our objectives for this campaign were to:

  • Drive traffic to the Express Glass website 
  • Generate enquires and sales for the Pandemic Protection Guard product
  • Raise awareness of the Express Glass brand and national footprint of Glaziers

The Campaign:

With an estimated 5.6 billion Google searches happening each day, we identified ‘Search’ as one of the main tools that business owners use to research and find products and services.

We also knew that moving quickly would be essential, particularly if we were to successfully reach the first phase of essential businesses with immediate need, therefore we executed the following tactics: 

  • Designed and developed a new landing page on the Express Glass website
  • Designed and published a new image on the website’s homepage slider, to act as a gateway to the landing page
  • Designed a two-page PDF brochure to be downloaded from the landing page
  • Developed and ran a targeted Google Ads campaign
  • Update tracking metrics in Google Analytics

The campaign was targeted at essential businesses such as health and medical clinics (doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, podiatrists etc.), retail outlets and hospitals. 

The Pandemic Protection Guard campaign ran for 3 months from 21 April to 21 June 2020. 

Campaign Results: 

As a direct result of our Google Ads campaign, the Pandemic Protection Guard brochure was downloaded more than 250 times and Express Glass received over 25 online enquires. 

The Google Ads campaign also resulted in:

  • 3,500 clicks to the landing page
  • A 7% Click Through Rate (CTR) – far exceeding the industry standard!

Our Team:

  • David Bedggood – Senior Client Strategy Manager
  • Sarah Taylor – Senior Graphic Designer
  • Scott Robertson – Website Development and Operations Manager
  • Jarrod Firmani – Senior Campaign Strategy Manager

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